Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world

Jean-Luc Godard

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Akira Kurosawa’s adaptation of the Shakespeare’s King Lear, Ran is an epic tale of tragedy, remorse and regret grounded in the dramatic lives of medieval Japanese nobility. It explores the very humane idea of a character flaw often leading to colossal, unintended and tragic consequences. The magnum opus revolves around a senile Japanese warlord Hidetori […]

Winter Sleep

Set in a mountainous Turkish town, ‘’Winter Sleep’’ is a slow-paced drama that examines the significant and typical divide between the rich and the poor of the country. At the heart of the story, we have Aydin, a former actor and hotel owner who writes columns for a local daily, facing multiple crisis of the […]


The story of ‘’Ee Ma Yau’’, aka ‘’R.I.P’’, begins in a coastal area of Kochi, where we meet Vavachan Mesthiri. He narrates the story of his father’s funeral. From here onwards, Poovankery Francis Mathew, the film’s screenwriter, spoon-feeds us the whole story from the weltanschauung of each character involving in the film. The journey is […]

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