About Us

Montage is the Film Society of Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. Montage started off in the year 2003 and has followed it’s love and passion for cinema ever since.

Our society consists of students of who are film enthusiasts and seek to learn more about film making—from the minor technicalities involved behind the scenes to the major themes expressed on the big screen, we cover it all. (The Montage Core team ensures the smooth functioning of the society.)

Our Vision

We seek to promote an understanding of the art of cinema which caters to a large spectrum of audience. Our vision includes promoting the artistic works cinema has to offer by appreciating the art of storytelling through Cinematography. We aim to introduce more people to the various Film movements that contributed extensively to the world of cinema and are actively seeking to support the Avant-garde films which celebrate regional cinema with new and promising filmmakers.

What We Do

Montage follows a well organised program that enables it’s members to have a better understanding of cinema and it’s nuances. We conduct open and closed screenings on various themes that provide depth into our understanding of films and their development in the course of history. The screenings begin with an introduction of the film to the audience and end with the promotion of a discussion about the film. We also welcome diverse perspectives that mainly focus on the story, thematic elements and camerawork of the film. Montage, from time to time, also collaborates with other inter- and intra-disciplinary societies of the University.